Senior Advisor – Loss and Damage

UNEP-CCC is a leading international advisory organization on energy, climate, and sustainable development. Its work focuses on assisting developing countries and emerging economies in transitioning towards low-carbon, climate resilient development pathways and supports the integration of climate action into national development. UNEP-CCC is actively engaged in implementing UNEP’s Climate Change Strategy and Energy Programme by delivering technical assistance and policy advice to developing countries and emerging markets in the context of the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Loss and Damage (L&D) has become one of the most dynamic topics under the UNFCCC negotiations, leading to the agreement at COP27 to set up a L&D fund in addition to the Santiago Network and Glasgow Dialogue. L&D is also central to the Bridgetown Initiative to reform the Bretton Woods institutions in support of climate action. For a number of years UNEP-CCC has worked on L&D, e.g., to support a stocktake of science, policy, and practice, and to identify priority areas for policy development, country support, and capacity building. Supported by Danida and building on this work, UNEP-CCC is implementing a new initiative to increase awareness, capacity, and policy responses related to the limits of adaptation to climate-related impacts, the drivers and costs of loss and damage, and possible options to manage losses and damages. In 2023 this work will result in a methodological approach that will subsequently be tested in the city case studies.The envisaged overall outcome is increased ability to manage loss and damage at local to national levels.

Reporting to the head of the impact assessment and adaptation analysis section, the main responsibility of the successful candidate will be to provide science-based advice in the context of loss and damage and adaptation, including impact assessment, monitoring and evaluation, policy support, and capacity building at local to national and global levels. The successful candidate is expected to work on a varied portfolio of activities, including project management and coordination, partnership development, data generation, quantitative and qualitative analysis, as well as contributing to fundraising, and proposal development in collaboration with other staff as well as other relevant colleagues across UNEP.

Specific areas of work for the Senior Advisor – Loss and Damage will include:

  • Lead the work on loss and damage at UNEP-CCC through:

a) strategic inputs regarding the direction and scope of activities;

b) leadership, management, and implementation of projects and other initiatives related to loss and damage; and

c) fundraising and partnership building and maintenance in the context of loss and damage, climate risks and impacts, vulnerability, resilience, and adaptation.

  • Lead the development and implementation of UNEP-CCC’s and UNEP’s strategies, in particular in the area of climate impacts, loss and damage, and adaptation.
  • Coordinate the overall strategic discussion of the IAAA section in the context of loss and damage, adaptation, vulnerability, resilience, transparency, climate risks and impacts, etc.
  • Lead and develop the  knowledge and capacity building products for loss and damage, adaptation, vulnerability, resilience, transparency, climate risks and impacts, etc.
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Application deadline: 24/09/2023

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