Application of environmental ecological strategy in smart city space architecture planning

A smart city requires the organic integration of a good ecological environment with people’s healthy life, so that the city can achieve the purpose of economic construction and ecological environmental protection. In this case, the spatial layout of a smart city must be based on the ecological environment. Under the guidance of the concept of ecological protection, the ecological space of smart cities is not only green space and parks. At the same time, the building communities in the city and the construction land in the city should be green and environmentally friendly. These situations require planning and design in the spatial design layout through networking and informatization. This article mainly studies the space development of smart cities under the integration of information technology and ecological environment from the perspective of urban space architectural planning. A series of problems in our country’s cities and the close connection between smart cities and the ecological environment. After comprehensively analyzing the smart city spatial planning of different cities and regions under the influence of the ecological environment, it tries to analyze the guiding role and development direction of the smart city spatial architectural layout planning under the ecological environment.

Authors:Zhuolun Chen
Published year:2021
Content type:Journal article
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