Africa Carbon Forum 2016 – Climate Action Can Drive Sustainable Development in Africa

June 28, 2016

Kigali, Rwanda, 28 June 2016 – Action on climate change in the form of green policy, finance and market approaches can drive sustainable development in Africa, government, business and civil society representatives heard on the opening day of Africa Carbon Forum.

“Just as the risks of climate change are immense, so too are the rewards of climate action if we invest in our people and our planet,” said Vincent Biruta, Rwanda’s Minister of Natural Resources.

In December 2015 in Paris, countries adopted a new comprehensive climate change agreement, central to which is nationally determined action and international cooperation. Driving it all will be private and public investment.

World Bank analysis has estimated that not addressing climate change could plunge 100 million more people into poverty by 2030. Of those 43 million would be in Africa.

“Turning challenges into opportunities requires concrete action, collaboration and commitment,” said Mr. Biruta. “I am sure we are up to the task.”

“With the Paris agreement as the foundation, countries are now looking towards implementation. This will require accelerating existing initiatives and finding new solutions and building new partnerships, which can facilitate capacity-building and unlock new investments and finance for a climate resilient low-carbon development future for Africa. The opportunities for the Africa Region are indeed promising, and the Africa Carbon Forum presents itself as a much needed platform for sharing knowledge, experiences and new ideas which will benefit Africa and its people”, said John Christensen, Director, UNEP DTU Partnership.

Africa Carbon Forum is an annual gathering aimed at spurring climate investment, through sharing information on policy, such as use of markets and mechanisms, financial opportunities, and cooperative initiatives arising from the international response to climate change.