Sustainable Development Initiative WEBINARS

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Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency WEBINARS

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TNA – Technology Needs Assessments WEBINARS

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Step by Step Guide to Technology Needs Assessments (TNA)

This e-learning course summarizes the various steps needed in the implementation of a Technology needs Assessment in your country.

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NAMAcademy E-learning course

This e-learning course aims to advance knowledge around the definition of NAMAs and provide basic concepts, approaches and methodologies for planning, formulating and implementing NAMAs to relevant NAMA practitioners. The course also raises awareness and prepares potential government officials acting as NAMA managers and approvers on the aspects of NAMA formulation, not only for general public guidance, but also for submission to the UNFCCC.

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CDM Programme of Activities (PoA)

The CDM PoA E-Learning course provides a focused approach on the managerial aspects of PoA to prepare potential PoA practitioners for

- Potential risks in PoA Management
- Potential unanticipated circumstances

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INDC Training

This recording of the INDC workshop training presents assistance to countries in identifying INDC types and content. Held in May 2016, participants attending the workshop were trained on developing a project implementation plan for designing an INDC and submission to UNFCCC. In addition, training was provided on the use of mitigation analysis models, including the Greenhouse gas Abatement Cost Model (GACMO). Participants were informed about developing adaptation component of INDC and they had the opportunity to share views and 'in-country' processes and structures for successful INDC submissions.

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