The main objective of this three-day training course was to enhance the skills of the National Technical Institutions in the framework of the NDC Action Project and technical employees of Ministries in preparing concept notes for future submission to the financial institutions. The online training was delivered over three days 3 – 5 April 2024, with a mix of presentations […]

When: 3 April, 2024 16:00 - 5 April, 2024 16:00

This webinar will shed light on how governance and policies can lead to an improved mainstreaming of climate initiatives in overall city strategies. Moreover, it will provide valuable insights into applied cases of integrating e.g., nature-based solutions in urban planning, as well as how to manage land and infrastructure required for technology adoption. As the current pace and scale of […]

When: 26 March, 2024 11:00 - 26 March, 2024 12:00

An upgraded version of the Greenhouse Gas Abatement Cost Model (GACMO) is now available, supporting informed decision-making on climate change – addressing the climate crisis and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The GACMO tool can be downloaded here. This webinar will delve in to how GACMO 2.0 can provide countries with a clear understanding of the implications of their climate actions […]

When: 15 February, 2024 13:00 - 15 February, 2024 14:00

This session will speak to the COP theme of frontline communities and finance, building on the joint policy brief published by UNEP and IOM in August 2023 on “Integrating displaced populations into national climate change policy and planning”. While global in scope, the session will discuss region-specific examples of the emerging political consensus on this topic. This includes efforts by […]

When: 10 December, 2023 16:00 - 10 December, 2023 17:00
Where: the Climate Mobility Pavilion - Blue Zone B5 62,

Trading emissions through international carbon markets has the potential to facilitate more ambitious climate action through cost-savings and effective channelling of financial resources. However, countries are lacking the technical capacities to easily assess how to use cooperation under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement.    This event launches a new partnership between Peru, Sri Lanka and Tanzania and the Integrated Assessment […]

When: 9 December, 2023 14:00 - 9 December, 2023 15:00
Where: EU Pavilion - Blue Zone B5 62,

Under the Paris Agreement, countries are requested to update or establish the necessary arrangements to implement the Enhanced Transparency Framework and undertake major efforts to collect data, estimate and report information with modalities, procedures and guidelines.   The event emphasizes the positive impact of exchanging experiences among countries on enhancing technical capacities and providing support for the MRV process.  Speakers: […]

When: 8 December, 2023 19:15 - 8 December, 2023 20:30
Where: Italian Pavilion - Blue Zone B6 84,

The Capacity-building Initiative for Transparency – Global Support Programme (CBIT-GSP) is a global climate transparency project supporting developing countries in the transition to the Enhanced Transparency Framework (ETF) of the Paris Agreement. The project is funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) through CBIT, implemented by UNEP, and executed by the UNEP Copenhagen Climate Centre.  The CBIT-GSP project includes various […]

When: 8 December, 2023 16:45 - 8 December, 2023 17:45
Where: PCCB Hub,

Evidence continues to show that losses and damages associated with climate change are occurring across all regions around the globe, in all economic sectors and particularly in vulnerable communities. This event will build from the 2023 UNEP Adaptation Gap Report and ongoing work by the World Adaptation Science Programme’s (WASP) Working Group on Loss and Damage. It will address the […]

When: 8 December, 2023 14:00 - 8 December, 2023 14:45
Where: UNEP Pavilion,

The session will discuss capacity-building needs and gaps from the countries’ view to increase the effectiveness of adaptation measures and addressing loss and damage. The session will have two short presentations, one by AF-TERG and one by UNEP Copenhagen Climate Centre, followed by a panel discussion with project implementers and national representatives and a Q&A session. The workshop will enhance […]

When: 8 December, 2023 12:15 - 8 December, 2023 13:15
Where: Capacity Building Hub - Blue Zone,

Climate Change Adaptation is crucial to mitigate the adverse impact of changing climatic conditions on ecosystems, human lives and infrastructures. It involves implementing strategies to enhance resilience, protect biodiversity, ensure food and water security, manage water resources, safeguard infrastructure, and promote economic stability in the face of climate change hazards and disruptions. The Government of Bangladesh has been proactive and […]

When: 6 December, 2023 11:00 - 6 December, 2023 12:30
Where: Bangladesh Pavilion - Blue Zone B2 21,