African Climate Week to speed up solutions

Ambitions and efforts need to be scaled up in the climate effort. Africa Climate Week invites organizations to focus on how the world's climate goals can be achieved.

March 8, 2018

Africa is a continent with great potential in climate-friendly development, but also a continent, where many countries already feel the negative effects of climate change.

Public and private organisations and companies are invited to develop and launch climate action in the first Africa Climate Week, which will take place on 9-13. April 2018 in Nairobi, Kenya.

Africa Climate Week will be a recurring annual event and is held this year for the first time. An important part of the week will be to facilitate matchmaking between projects, organisations and financial opportunities.

Read more about the Africa Climate Week here.

Explaining the purpose of the event, Patricia Espinosa, Secretary General of UN Climate Change, says:
“To meet the goals of the Paris Agreement, we need to scale up global climate action and ambition across sectors, public and private. Africa Climate Week can be an important means to drive that action and ambition.”

The focus of the week is the transition from planning to action in implementing the Paris Agreement and working towards achieving the SDG’s. Focus will be on partnerships between the countries and cities of Africa and organisations and the private sector.

If you are planning a climate-related event in Africa, consider holding it during Climate Week. You will find opportunities and potential partners, while contributing to momentum in global climate action.

Focus on market-based solutions

African Climate Week is co-hosted by UNEP DTU Partnership, along with among others, the World Bank Group and the Asian and African development banks and UN organizations.

UNEP DTU Partnership will participate with several experts addressing issues such as priorities within climate technology and how to integrate sustainable development in market mechanisms. Highlighting previous success stories UNEP DTU Partnership hopes to inspire future action and partnerships across sectors.

Africa Climate Week has the well-established Africa Carbon Forum, which focuses on market-based approaches, economic instruments and climate-related funding, to promote climate-friendly investment, as a cornerstone event. UNEP DTU Partnership is also one of the founding organisations behind the Africa Carbon Forum.

Register for the Africa Carbon Forum here.

Broadening the scope, the Africa Climate Week is aimed at bringing together diverse stakeholders in the public and private sectors around a common goal of addressing climate change.
The week will offer workshops, panel discussions, exhibitions and meetings. In addition, there will be high-level events on regional issues that will be linked to the formal negotiations under the United Nations Climate Change Convention (UNFCCC).

Africa Carbon Forum

This year marks the 10th time that the Africa Carbon Forum is held, and in addition to the established focus on market-based approaches, this years’ forum will look at how the engagement between state and non-state actors can be further strengthened in key sectors in Africa (energy, agriculture and human settlements)

The event will cover:
•Practical examples of policies, initiatives and actions in Africa;
• Barriers and enabling measures for engaging climate action in key sectors;
• Financial instruments and regulatory frameworks;
• Advancing the implementation of climate action
• … and more!