All you need to know about NDCs – now in Spanish and French

With new translations of the NDC pocket guide, UNEP DTU Partnership has made it easier to know your way around the NDCs and UNFCCC process.

August 9, 2021

Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) are key to saving our climate.

As a crucial part of the global climate negotiations, they are also complicated documents caught in the crossfire between policy, science, finance and necessity.
To make information on the NDCs and all their complicated processes and issues more accessible and easy to understand, UNEP DTU Partnership has produced a Pocket Guide to NDCs.

Now the guide is available in both Spanish and French.

Click to download the Pocket Guide to NDCs in Spanish.

Click to download the Pocket Guide to NDCs in French.

Covering all aspects of NDCs

The Pocket Guide to NDCs covers all aspects of the NDCs – from the history behind them to what they should contain as well as challenges and best practice examples of implementation.

It also contains information on how to ensure accountability and transparency in NDCs, the possibilities of funding and broadens the discussion by including information on NDC related issues such as the Talanoa Dialogue and the link between NDCs and the Sustainable Development Goals.


The Spanish and French versions have been translated with the support of UNEP Global Support Programme.