Climate Finance training – transparency and reporting workshop

High-level participants joined in discussions and training on Paris Agreement requirements and mapping climate action.

September 8, 2021

Last week 30 participants from Panama including the Minister of Energy, national bank representatives and technical teams from the Panamanian ministry of environment as well as NDC counterparts in other ministries, joined the climate finance training of The Climate Action Enhancement Package (CAEP), facilitated by UNEP DTU Partnership experts.

Through a webinar followed by two workshops, the training covered introductions, discussions, and group work on concepts such as reporting methodologies, the Enhanced Transparency Framework, mapping climate investments and how to calculate costs of climate actions.

UNEP DTU is an implementing partner of CAEP assisting developing countries, members of the NDC Partnership, in achieving two overarching objectives:

  • Enhance NDCs, including by raising ambition, as part of the Paris Agreement’s NDC update process;
  • Fast-track implementation of NDCs, including by providing in-country technical expertise and capacity building.

Introductions and concrete results

The training opened with a webinar giving a broad introduction to climate finance and different institutional arrangements. The webinar also addressed the different reporting methodologies and the differences between climate finance and support as well as the importance of identifying the support needed and received in order to have greater transparency in financing.

Building on the webinar, two workshops followed with in-depth presentations and direct focus on Panama’s challenges and opportunities.

The sessions ended with a focus on existing tools to calculate costs of implementation of climate actions in the NDC, how to estimate the incremental cost of climate actions and mechanisms to identify appropriate climate funds for different situations.

Based on the presentations from UNEP DTU Partnership experts and the participants experience, the final workshop ended with the identification of financial instruments that can to support climate change mitigation and adaptation.

CAEP is financed by the NDC Partnership