Carbon market standards: Engaging countries through capacity building

9 December, 2023 14:00 - 9 December, 2023 15:00
EU Pavilion - Blue Zone B5 62

Trading emissions through international carbon markets has the potential to facilitate more ambitious climate action through cost-savings and effective channelling of financial resources. However, countries are lacking the technical capacities to easily assess how to use cooperation under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement.  

 This event launches a new partnership between Peru, Sri Lanka and Tanzania and the Integrated Assessment for Article 6 (IAA6) project to co-develop and apply modules from a carbon market toolbox and build capacities.  

 While high-integrity carbon markets can facilitate the cooperation necessary for increased ambition and NDC implementation, they need to work for planet and people, aligning with climate and development priorities as well as avoiding any environmental and social harm.
Together with the UNEP Copenhagen Climate Centre and experts from the Global South, the EU-funded IAA6 project develops tools for holistic Article 6 strategies and provides in-depth implementation support in the three partner countries, strengthening their capacity to effectively utilize international carbon markets under Article 6.  

 This event highlights the importance of Paris-aligned carbon markets and uses the IAA6 work with Peru, Sri Lanka and Tanzania, as examples for tailoring capacity  building in that area while further encouraging knowledge exchange and communication, catalyzing broader regional adoption of the tools and strategies.
It presents the project’s South-South cooperation model for evidence-based policymaking and strategic use of Article 6 carbon markets, enabling countries to align their NDCs with Sustainable Development Goals, and Paris Agreement objectives.  

 The event gives an overview integrated models and frameworks for developing and implementing carbon market strategies, outlining solutions provided directly to the partner countries and indirectly for upscaling and replication. 

 It also consists of a panel discussion with representatives from Peru, Sri Lanka and Tanzania followed by a Q&A session to elaborate on their expectations. 


Mandy Rambharos (Moderator), EDF | Vice President, Global Climate Cooperation, South Africa /USA

Martin Hession, European Commission, Ireland

Karen Olsen, UNEP-CCC, Denmark

Ana Lucía Moya Mora, CPSU, Costa Rica

Felipe De Leon, RAND Corporation, Costa Rica / USA

Manuel Garcia-Rosell, Peru’s Ministry of Environment, Peru

Nilanthi Kumudini Vidyalankara, Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Environment, Sri Lanka

Tanzanian Vice President’s Office, Tanzania

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EU Pavilion - Blue Zone B5 62