Climate Adaptation in Asia-Pacific: Enhancing Coastal Resilience in Bangladesh and Vietnam

6 December, 2023 11:00 - 6 December, 2023 12:30
Bangladesh Pavilion - Blue Zone B2 21

Climate Change Adaptation is crucial to mitigate the adverse impact of changing climatic conditions on ecosystems, human lives and infrastructures. It involves implementing strategies to enhance resilience, protect biodiversity, ensure food and water security, manage water resources, safeguard infrastructure, and promote economic stability in the face of climate change hazards and disruptions.

The Government of Bangladesh has been proactive and adept in climate change adaptation. In order to address the adverse impacts of climate change, the country is focusing on building climate-resilient infrastructure, and promoting sustainable agriculture practices. Bangladesh is noticeably investing in coastal protection measures, such as embankments, mangrove afforestation, and cyclone shelters, adapting to the rising sea levels, cyclones and storm surges.

Similarly, Vietnam has implemented many programs and projects to adapt to climate change. These actions have had specific results in improving the resilience and adaptive capacity of natural and social systems, including: Climate monitoring, early warning of natural disasters; Natural disaster response, flood prevention for major cities, reinforcement of river dikes, sea dikes, and the safety of reservoirs; food and water security measures; and programmes to build effective communities to adapt to climate change.

In this context, The NDC Action project is facilitating implementation of climate-resilient and low-carbon development aligned with national and global goals supports efforts by 10 partner countries, including Bangladesh and Viet Nam in the Asia-Pacific Region, to translate NDCs into strategies and actions ready for financing and implementation.

The objective of the side event is to bring together experts from Bangladesh and Vietnam to discuss coastal adaptation priorities in their countries. The aim is not only to bring out the challenges in attracting larger financial packages but also to create a sustainable delivery model to channel scaled up finance.


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Bangladesh Pavilion - Blue Zone B2 21