Climate Technology for Agriculture – Upscaling Implementation of Climate Technology in the Agricultural Sector

6 December, 2023 14:45 - 6 December, 2023 15:30
Nordic Pavilion

Climate technologies are only moderately implemented in many countries.
As the impacts of climate change become increasingly visible across the globe, enhancing cooperative action, which is the focus of this event, on technology development and transfer becomes even more important.

This event focuses on how to replicate good practice and upscale implementation of climate technologies in the agricultural sector in a global south context.


Keynote: Jeppe Bruus, Minister, Ministry of Taxation, Denmark

Abdimajid Nunow, Adaptation expert, Somalia

Christopher Kabah, Manager, Department of Planning and Policy, Environmental Protection Agency, Liberia

Reik Haahr Müller, Senior Vice President, Head of Green Energy & Infrastructure, IFU

Erica Johnson, External Affairs Manager, Agreena, Germany

Moderator: Sara Traerup, UNEP-CCC, Denmark

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Nordic Pavilion