Finance workshop

7 October, 2020

Despite the large deployments of capital into the clean energy sector in Kenya, to date only a few local commercial banks in Kenya are involved in financing domestic solar PV companies. This workshop brings together representatives from local commercial banks, Kenyan solar PV companies as well as sector experts to advance the discussion of issues that hinder local companies in obtaining loans from commercial banks and to co-create new ideas on how domestic financing can be expanded and cater to the needs of local companies. 

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Objectives of workshop

The objectives of the workshop were to:

  • Share banks’ experience including existing portfolios and concrete examples of lending to domestic solar PV companies as well as future strategy.
  • Share domestic companies’ experience in accessing loans from Kenyan commercial banks.
  • Facilitate a common discussion and find a middle ground between commercial banks and solar PV companies based on critical issues faced in terms of lending and accessing loans.
  • Ideate on potential solutions and alternatives to existing practices to lower the barriers for domestic solar companies in obtaining loans as well as for banks in disbursing loans to domestic firms.

Workshop programme

Time Agenda ItemSpeakers
11:00-11:15Brief Round of IntroductionsAll attendees
11:15-11:20Purpose and Context SettingUNEP-DTU Partnership
11:20-11:45Bank Portfolio and ExperiencesKenya Commercial Bank

Co-operative Bank

Equity Bank

Absa Bank

11:45-12:30Discussion SessionOpen discussion by all participants and
concluding points