Second National TNA Steering Committee Meeting

12 July, 2023

Bishkek, 12 July 2023

The Ministry of Natural Resources, Ecology and Technical Supervision of the Kyrgyz Republic hosted the second National TNA Steering Committee Meeting, chaired by Dr. Azamat Temirkulov, Deputy Minister and director of the Climate Finance Centre.

The meeting agenda was structured around the following items:

1. Re-cap of project goals, implementation process and timeline
2. Summary of TNA Progress Report
3. Presentation of the results of Technology Prioritization reports
4. Presentation of the results of the Barrier Analysis and Enabling Framework reports
5. Next steps

Presentations were provided by the UNEP-CCC senior advisor and project manager James Haselip, and by Aleksandr Temirbekov, agriculture sector expert and local team lead. The priority technologies for each sector (listed below) were discussed, including the main barriers currently facing the uptake and/or widespread use in the Kyrgyz Republic and what can be done over to overcome these barriers.

The National Steering Committee approved the Technology Prioritization, Barrier Analysis and Enabling Framework reports. The rest of the discussion with Government officials focused on the appropriate role of the state in creating markets and/or enabling investment in these priority technologies. From the following shortlist of technologies, the TNA project will produce 3 x investment Concept Notes for the Green Climate Fund for submission by the Climate Finance Centre in early 2024.