The UNEP Adaptation Gap Report 2021 – Key findings

23 November, 2021 15:00 - 23 November, 2021 16:30

The UNEP Adaptation Gap Report 2021 Webinar features presentations and discussion of the key findings from the report. In view of the Global Stocktake coming up in 2023, the webinar will provide a snapshot of where the world stands in its collective efforts to adapt to the impacts of climate change. It presents conclusions from the report’s assessment of progress in three central elements of the adaptation process: planning, financing and implementation. The report also provides an overview of the emerging impacts of COVID-19 on global adaptation planning processes and the availability of adaptation financing – showcasing how the pandemic and climate change have created compound risks that negatively affect adaptive capacity of governments and communities, but also present a window of opportunity for green and resilient recovery and learning.