Webinar: Climate Technology Progress Report 2022

1 November, 2022 13:00 - 1 November, 2022 14:15

How do we assess climate technology progress?

Upscaling the implementation of effective development and transfer of climate technologies in response to the climate is more crucial than ever. Technologies are key to sustainable development and the interlinked issues of the triple planetary crisis that humanity currently faces: climate change, pollution and biodiversity loss. To upscale implementation, it is essential to understand the processes leading to the successful development and transfer of technology, the gaps and enablers, and the context-dependent conditions that need to be in place. However, the available information is fragmented, often unsystematic and outdated, with a focus that is either too aggregated or too localized.

Over the years, technology development and transfer have received increasing attention under the UN Climate Convention. The Paris Agreement speaks of the vision of fully realizing technology development and transfer for both improving resilience to climate change and reducing GHG emissions. At COP27 in Egypt, several technology negotiations will take place.

Further to this, the UNEP Copenhagen Climate Centre and the UNFCCC Technology Executive Committee are launching a new ‘Climate Technology Progress Report’ that will provide regular analyses of progress on technology feasibility and enabling environments that can inform action on technology development and transfer at the national and international levels.

At this virtual event, the main findings of the Climate Technology Progress Report will be presented.


  • Welcome, UNEP – Mark Radka, Chief of Energy and Climate Branch, UNEP
  • Introductory remarks – Ambrosio Yobánolo del Real, Chair of the UNFCCC Technology Executive Committee, Chile
  • Introduction to the report – Sara Traerup, UNEP Copenhagen Climate Centre
  • Feasibility Assessment – Debora Ley, UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Finance
    Jens Sedemund, Development Co-operation Directorate
    Manon Fortemps, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
  • Governance – Lucas Somavilla, University College London
  • Climate Technology Progress in the African context: A Snapshot – Lakshmi Bhamidipati, UNEP Copenhagen Climate Centre
  • Q&A

Moderator: Sara Traerup, UNEP-CCC

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