Fifth NAMAcademy brings together various stakeholders

July 7, 2016

The NAMAcademy, a capacity building initiative by UNEP DTU Partnership hosted its fifth training session in Denmark from May 23 -27 at the UN City, and a training session for 25 participants from Latin America in Quito, Ecuador  from 13 – 17 June, in collaboration with OLADE.

The NAMAcademy, which has established itself for providing training on Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMA), and implementation of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) to developing countries, was unique in several ways in this session.

Amongst the 10 participants from nine different countries attending the NAMAcademy training in Denmark, for the first time the classroom based training comprised participants who were not only climate change practitioners and project developers but also representatives of donors and support institutions. The five day intensive workshop provided stakeholders from both sides of the process to understand how to create an effective NAMA, from the fundamentals to an understanding of barriers and enabling frameworks to climate finance, as well as what to look for as a donor to fund a NAMA.

The NAMAcademy was also a unique opportunity to build future networks and connections. For instance, the Climate Technology Centre and Network (a UNEP collaborating Centre) was present during one of the sessions and took great interest in providing technical assistance to assist the various NAMA proposals in readiness for implementation.

‘The course was essential to bridge the understanding and expectations between NAMA developers and support institutions’ stated participant Juan Manuel Robledo from Colombia.

In addition to the classroom course, the NAMAcademy offers an e-learning programme on conceptualizing NAMAs which precedes the one week classroom course.

Riding on the success of the NAMAcademy conducted in Denmark so far, NAMAcademy also held training in Quito, Ecuador for 25 participants in the Latin American Region from 13 – 17 June, in collaboration with OLADE.

To participate in the next NAMAcademy classroom course in Denmark, or for enquiries regarding bringing the NAMAcademy to your region or country, please contact