Full house at UNEP DTU Partnership thesis fair

DTU students showed big interest in joining the UNEP DTU Partnership team working with climate change and developing countries for their Master's thesis.

November 6, 2019

As a new initiative from DTU Management, UNEP DTU Partnership invited master’s students to consider working with the partnership towards their master’s thesis on a catalogue of project ideas.

More than 60 master’s students, primarily from DTU, attended the thesis fair.
Here they got more knowledge about UNEP DTU Partnership and the 12 project ideas, which can be applied for. Showing big interest, the students joined in on fruitful and lively discussions with the six UNEP DTU researchers who presented the projects.

DTU master's thesis fair 2

The project ideas are connected to UNEP DTU Partnership’s core work on climate change and developing countries, but span many academic disciplines.

They offer an opportunity for students to work in close connection with real projects, addressing the challenge of climate change and sustainable development, particularly in developing countries. As well as working in an international environment at UN City in Copenhagen.

At the forefront of the climate efforts

UNEP DTU Partnership offers a stimulating environment for DTU students, working with experienced researchers who are engaged in tasks at the forefront of efforts to tackle climate change and sustainable development in developing countries, especially concerning renewable energy and other environmentally sound technologies.

DTU Masters thesis fair 3As part of the Technical University of Denmark, within DTU Management, UNEP DTU Partnership is able to draw on a vast range of scientific expertise and to collaborate with world-leading scientific partners. In addition, UNEP DTU Partnership combines this with in-depth developing country expertise and an extensive network with projects running in 100 countries.

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