High level delegation from Ghana visits UNEP DTU Partnership

August 15, 2016

UNEP DTU Partnership (UDP) hosted a high level delegation from the Ghana at the UN City in Denmark. The Ghanaian delegation was in Denmark as part of their European Union working tour.

The meeting, held on 11th August 2016, was opened by Director of UDP, John Christensen who welcomed the guests. The team comprising of five (5) parliamentarians and two (2) senior representatives from the Embassy of Ghana to Denmark was led by Her Excellency, Ms. Edith Hazel, Ambassador of Ghana to Denmark.

UDP has been working in Ghana in the areas of cleaner energy, low carbon and climate resilient growth since the inception of UDP 25 years ago which demonstrates the existing relationship between Ghana and the UDP. In the African continent, Ghana is recognised as one of the countries having some of the most progressive low carbon and climate resilient growth ambitions and policies. It was therefore welcoming development for UDP that the high level Ghanaian delegations visited the UDP as one of the few agencies in the UN City that the delegation had extensive meetings with during their tour.

The focus of the meeting was to share experience from past efforts and essentially to explore opportunities and areas for future collaborations in the areas of enabling frameworks and policy developments in energy access and efficiency, low carbon and climate resilient development. The discussions focused on UDP work in Ghana in capacity building and technical assistance in energy planning, low carbon and climate resilient. Notable outcomes of UDP’s work in the developing national policy documents especially in the energy and low carbon development areas were deliberated upon for potential lessons for possible replicability in ongoing and new activities.

It is worth noting that the policymakers from Ghana were appreciative of the government of Denmark for generous funding support in key areas and also of UDP for technical assistance support to Ghana.