Call for two National Consultants for ICAT Lesotho in Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) in the Energy Sector

UNEP DTU Partnership and Lesotho Meteorological Services (LMS) under the Ministry of Energy and Meteorology are seeking to hire two short term National Consultants that will work in coordination to support Lesotho on the establishment of institutional arrangements for MRV at the national level, and piloting sectoral guidance to improve MRV at a sectoral level under the Climate Action Transparency Initiative (ICAT).

Download here the terms of reference of this RFP.

The primary focus of the ICAT initiative is on Lesotho’s Energy sector.  The work will focus on review of existing MRV and/or M&E policies on a national level and particularly within the Energy sector, on the establishment of institutional arrangements, including design and implementation of legal frameworks, data collection, reporting, and verification methodologies and procedures within and between the relevant stakeholders that will facilitate a robust and continuous national MRV system.

To deepen ICAT’s impact, a significant portion of the project will be dedicated to hands-on capacity building also utilizing ICAT transparency guidance in the energy sector, among other related guidance.  The direct objective of the ICAT is to support a data collection system focusing on the Energy sector as well as track GHG reductions achieved as a result of the current Energy policy and targets. With the MRV of climate policies a relatively novel concept, ICAT will be able to provide methodological inputs in the Energy sector. It will also enable the testing of this new reporting throughout the entirety of the Lesotho MRV system, with the purpose to identify non-methodological barriers such as barriers related to institutions, laws, processes, data, and systems.

ICAT Lesotho objectives have been identified by the Government of Lesotho with the prioritized sectors including, Energy and Transport. These have been expounded to develop the following objectives/activities i.e.:

Objective n.1 – Revision of the selected NDCs making use of GACMO for the Energy sector

Objective n.2 – MRV needs and gaps assessment report

Objective n.3 – Harmonizing methodologies for assessing greenhouse gas impacts of policies and actions in the energy sector

Objective n.4 – Design of the MRV System, Establishment of Roles and Responsibilities

Objective n.5 – Dissemination Workshop and Implementation Plan

Expected Deliverables


  • Recommendations and inputs for NDC revision.
  • Mitigation analysis of Energy sector projects identified under revised NDCs.


Report on:

(i)  Assessment of the existing national MRV/ME systems and gaps and barriers; Identification of barriers and gaps for developing institutional arrangement for designing a data collection system for the Energy sector.

(ii)  Providing recommendations on how best to remove the most significant visible barriers documented.


  • Report on assessing selected methodologies for assessing GHG emission impacts of policies and actions-energy sector focus.


  • Report on designing the national MRV system, using the ICAT guidance tailored to the energy related policy, establishment of roles and responsibilities and providing recommendations on how to address barriers / gaps / issues to improve data collection and reporting for the Energy sector emissions.

This deliverable will be provided by the International Consultant and then validated by the Nationals consultants through a stakeholder consultation as described above.


  • Validation workshop and final report

Required qualifications and competencies

A successful consultant should demonstrate:

  • Advanced university degree (master) or higher in relevant fields related to Climate Change and Energy.
  • At least 3 years of work experience and knowledge in Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) – climate change related projects and communications, as well as in transparency requirements, MRV and/M&E.
  • Experience working in GHG Inventory, mitigation measures, project management, or any related projects is highly desired.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English.
  • Ability to work independently.
  • Good analytical skills and competence in using Microsoft office.

Profile and Skills

The consultant(s) should have applied knowledge in mitigation technologies in the relevant sectors. He/she should have extensive knowledge of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), transparency requirements, MRV and/M&E and experience with climate change mitigation or adaptation strategies (as relevant), technologies and policies at national level.

More specifically he/she should be familiar with the national development objectives and sector policies, have overall insights in climate change science, and potential climate change impacts, as well as mitigation or adaptation needs for the country in the relevant sector(s). Moreover, the Consultant(s) should have good coordination and facilitation skills, and possess proven analytical capabilities, as well as excellent writing skills.

Duration and working arrangements:

The contract period is expected to last maximum 9 months from the day the contract is signed (with a partial dedication).

The Consultants will be contracted directly by the UNEP DTU Partnership (UDP) on a part-time basis, and will be required to be available for the performance of the tasks and delivery of the required outputs. He /She will be required to be available for the timely delivery of deliverables relevant to the specified tasks over the duration of the project, as required by UDP and the LMS. Payment of fees will be based on the deliverables.

Application Procedure

  • Interested consultants may request clarifications on this RFP process up to 12 January at 17:00 PM (CEST time) by sending an email to Responses to this RFP will be sent to all interested bidders who have asked questions or otherwise expressed interest in submitting a proposal.
  • To apply for one of these positions, please send your application and CV (including your experience and track records in the selected sector), technical (methodology with detailed implementation plan) and financial proposal by email to Mr Maqhanolle Tsekoa ( and Ms Ivana Audia (
  • Please submit a technical proposal that includes your tentative approach and methodology to achieve the project’s objectives and deliverables.
  • The subject line of the email message should follow the following format: Subject: “ICAT Lesotho – National Consultant”.

Application deadline: 18/01/2022

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