Climate Change Adaptation expert (Samoa)

The Climate Change Adaptation expert will work closely with the Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment of Samoa and the UNEP Copenhagen Climate Centre. The expert will work closely with the national project coordinator and the implementing government ministry to implement a set activities and develop key deliverables (as outlined in the project workplan and summarized below) that will support the establishment of the national MRV system, that includes an adaptation component, for Samoa.

Specifically, the consultancy aims to provide technical support for the following activities and deliverables:

Output 5. Establishment of an NDC tracking framework for adaptation actions in the selected subsectors (Marine [Coastal region] and AFOLU).
5.1. Mapping of national M&E priorities for adaptation and selection of impact and progress indicators for national climate change policies and actions (NDC Related).
5.2. Consult with national stakeholders to identify NDC related adaptation impacts (with or without mitigation co-benefits) that would be relevant to track in the implementation of Samoa´s NDC
5.3. Prioritise and select the relevant adaptation impacts to track in NDC implementation
5.4. Define impact and progress indicators for the prioritised adaptation impacts
D.5.1 Report on adaptation impacts and progress indicators to be tracked and be integrated into the national MRV system (the national MRV system should include an adaptation component, which will focus on M&E).
5.5. Mapping of existing M&E mechanisms (or systems) in the relevant institutions and relevant climate change data and information currently generated
5.6. Consult in a national workshop with relevant stakeholders to identify current M&E practices and systems
5.7. Identify which of the defined information and impact and progress indicators are already monitored by the existing M&E systems
5.8. Identification of gaps between what is currently monitored at the national level and what is required to be monitored at international level
5.9. Identify and define which impact and progress indicators are missing to be monitored. Identify the institutions that would be the most appropriate to monitor missing indicators, if capacity is lacking, identify which capacities and resources would be needed
D.5.2 Report on gaps in data and information, and appropriate institution to monitor identified missing impact and progress indicators.

Qualifications/special skills

A University degree in Environmental Sciences, Engineering, Biology, Agronomy, or other university degree relevant to climate change, environment, and national development is required. An advanced university degree (MSc) will be an advantage.
– At least 3 years of practical experience in projects related to sustainable development or climate change adaptation is required.
At least 2 years of previous experience working at the national level is required.
– Previous experience leading public projects developed along with international agencies is an advantage.
An understanding of climate change policy, transparency, and MRV within the Government of Samoa and the associated stakeholders would be an advantage.
Experience developing international reports to the UNFCCC (BUR, BTR) is an advantage.
– Technical knowledge related to the design, development, and tracking of NDCs and related reports (e.g., GHG inventories, National Communications, Biennial Update Reports) is required.
Familiarity with climate change policy, transparency, and MRV in Samoa, along with its associated stakeholders, is an advantage.
– Proficiency in Microsoft Excel is desired.
– The contractor must possess in-depth knowledge of climate change adaptation and related topics. Additionally, a strong understanding of Samoa’s climate change laws and policies is essential. Moreover, understanding of theories, concepts, and approaches relevant to climate change adaptation planning is necessary. The consultant should demonstrate the ability to interact with public and private sector official, and the capability to identify, analyse, and actively participate in resolving issues and problems. This includes the ability to exercise judgment in the given context, plan tasks effectively, and manage conflicting priorities.
– The consultant is expected to be conscientious and efficient in fulfilling commitments, adhering to deadlines, and delivering results. Persistence in the face of complex problems or challenges, dealing with large amounts of work and maintaining composure in stressful situations are key attributes. Showing leadership capacities is essential. Furthermore, the consultant should have practical experience using IT tools such as Microsoft Office. Programming knowledge is an asset.
– Availability to attend meetings/consultants in communities around Samoa is required.

Application deadline: 13/06/2024

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