Energy Efficiency Expert (Kenya)

The consultancy will aim to achieve the following objectives:

  •  Analyze the procurement regulation that affects the introduction of energy efficiency in Kenya
  •  Analyze the market conditions in which ESCOs operate in Kenya and its current approximate market size.
  •  Assess the existing market conditions in terms of barriers and opportunities for the adoption of ESCO and Super ESCO Models in Kenya.
  •  Assess how ESCO business model(s) may support procurement processes for the introduction of energy efficiency.
  •  Identification and engagement of key stakeholders, roles and responsibilities.
  •  Organize a consultation workshop with key stakeholders to discuss proposed financial strategies and business models, barriers and opportunities.
  •  Develop an implementation plan (Roadmap) to create an enabling environment and procurement processes for energy efficiency services to prosper in Kenya.
  •  Estimate the potential economic, social and environmental impact, projection and sensitivity analysis of the ESCO model for retrofitting schools lighting in Kenya.


  • A bachelor’s degree or equivalent in engineering, environment studies, business, management, administration or another relevant field is required. A master’s degree is desirable and preferred.
  • A minimum of 5 years of work experience in the field of energy or energy efficiency.
  • Experience working with public institutions or the private sector in Kenya is required.
  • The Energy Efficiency Expert must demonstrate strong interpersonal and verbal communication skills, along with proven analytical capabilities and exceptional writing proficiency.
  • The contractor should possess extensive knowledge and experience in ESCOs and Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) as implementation tools for energy efficiency projects, as well as a thorough understanding of national energy and energy efficiency policies. Specifically, the contractor should be familiar with national energy efficiency objectives, sector policies, relevant regulations, and have comprehensive insights into financing energy efficiency measures.


6 months

Work Location

Remote from Nairobi, Kenya

Application deadline: 16/05/2024

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