Head of Operations Support

The Operations Support Section within UNEP-CCC seeks to develop and support the ground for UNEP-CCC’s business model. The section focuses on developing, building and maintaining HR, IT, Finance, Admin, Procurement, legal and project processes and procedures and in accordance with UN policies, in order for the programs and projects to be run professionally. Furthermore, the section supports the Programme Sections in the organization of meetings, conferences and events.

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Within the section of Operations Support and under the guidance and direct supervision of the Director, the Head of Operations Support will perform the following functions:

Operational advisory and technical support

Liaison with appropriate the Headquarters Practice Groups; Advise UNEP-CCC’s Director and Section Heads on setting goals, targets and performance standards for projects, and recommend tools for monitoring, evaluation and auditing ; Participate in any UNEP and UN City forum discussions and planning to ensure that UNEP-CCC, UNEP and UNOPS positions, interests and priorities are fully considered; Create, foster and role model a culture of respect and zero tolerance for discrimination, abuse of authority, harassment, sexual harassment and sexual exploitation and abuse. Ensure accountability for actions and perform duties in accordance with protection mechanisms and action plans, as expected by UNEP policies, standards, and commitments. Provide assistance and operational support to programmes and projects. Identify potential risks and take action/refer critical issues for mitigation.

Financial management of the Centre

Overseeing financial flows – provide input and advice to UNEP-CCC Management with regards to the financial status of the Center’s operations and use of funds for the programmatic goals of the Center; track financial status and performance to identify areas for potential improvement; provide internal reporting to Management through monthly financial follow-up, development of prognosis, monthly and yearly reporting; trigger financial reporting to donor on projects with input from the hosting / legal entity of the Center.

Resource management

Providing overall overview of staffing table, maintain leave and sick leave status with inputs from Head of Sections and PMs; maintain and update budget and management tools with data on staff availability and commitment, budget and costs.

Administering petty cash, credit cards following the rules and regulations of the hosting entity; build on and tailor the admin procedures and processes of the hosting entity to the needs and reality of the Center.

Donor contact and contract management

Support and provide administrative guidance on negotiation with Funding entities; direct the financial planning, budgeting and implementation of the core operational budgets of UNEP-CCC; provide guidance on and supervision of budget preparatory process of all UNEP-CCC projects; approve project budget before final approval by the UNEP-CCC director; liaise with the UNOPS Administrative Services and UNEP-Economy Division Administrative Services as and when required.

Team Management

Manage the Operations Support Team according to the UNOPS standards of supervision in support to the UNEP-CCC work planning, performance management.

Provide oversight, ensuring compliance by team members with existing policies and best practices within UNEP and UNOPS.

Project planning and coordination support 

Oversee the assistance and operational support to programme and project preparation and work planning.

Provide advice on goal setting, targets and performance standards for projects and recommend tools for monitoring, evaluation and auditing in compliance with the  UNEP and/or UNOPS processes.

Constantly monitor and analyze the operating environment to identify potential risks and take action/refer critical issues for intervention to ensure delivery of results.

Closely liaise with UNEP-CCC’s Director and other Head of Sections at UNEP-CCC in order to troubleshoot any issues that might cause interruption in the operations and programme management.


Organize the procurement planning process of the UNEP-CCC and monitor implementation of the plan by UNEP and UNOPS.

Administration and Information Technology

Manage the acquisition, maintenance, inventory, recording, verification and protection of project and administrative facilities/assets, including IT infrastructure, equipment and servers.

Ensure systematic use update of the Knowledge Management System.

Knowledge management and innovation 

Contribute to the dissemination and sharing of best practices and lessons learned for corporate development planning and knowledge building.

Other areas

Financial and process related input to evaluations, accreditation and due diligence processes from Donors, Partners etc.

Impact of results

The key results have an impact on the overall efficiency in financial resources management and success in implementation of operational strategies.  Accurate analysis and presentation of financial information enhances the organization’s credibility in use of financial resources and proper financial process management. The information provided facilitates decision making of the management.

Application deadline: 02/12/2022

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