Webinar: Progressing Sustainable Development Provisions in Article 6 of the Paris Agreement – 22 September 2020

Webinar agenda

  • Introducing the Sustainable Development Initiative (SDI), Karen Holm Olsen, UNEP-DTU
  • Views on SD provisions in the Art. 6 rulebook drafts,
    Sven Braden, SDI
  • Corporate sustainability reporting in context of SDG indicator 12.6.1.
    – relevance to MRV of Art. 6
    ?, Hanna Thorsteinsdottir, UNEP
  • Reflections on Art. 6 negotiations at COP25,
    Juan Pedro Searle, Chile, COP Presidency
  • Art. 6 negotiations ahead of COP26 in Glasgow, David Hyne, UK, Presidency of COP26

Moderation, Owen Hewlett, Gold Standard Foundation