New podcast on Indigenous Peoples’ technology and knowledge

What are the strength and barriers of Indigenous Peoples' technology in climate action, and how can we create synergies and win-win situations with modern climate tech?

November 26, 2021

Indigenous Peoples’ knowledge of adapting to climatic change and their global contribution to the sustainable management of natural resources are critical to combating climate change and its impacts.

Yet, too often Indigenous Peoples have little access to the financial resources or forums for decision-making concerning the environment.

In this new episode of The ClimateTech Podcast, we talk about Indigenous Peoples’ technology and the strength and barriers in a climate action context. How can we create synergies and win-win situations with modern climate technologies, the general role of marginalised groups, such as Indigenous Peoples and women, and why respecting Indigenous Peoples’ rights is crucial.

The guests on this episode are:
– Tunga Bhadra Rai, national coordinator at the Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities
– Pirawan Wongnithisathaporn, Environment Program Officer at the Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact
– Sara Trærup, lead on the Technology Needs Assessment project, working with almost 100 countries on prioritising and implementing climate tech.

Special thanks to IWGIA – the International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs – a global human rights organisation dedicated to promoting, protecting and defending Indigenous Peoples’ rights, for their support in the making of this episode.

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