Euroclima+ project on Energy Efficient Municipal Buildings in Argentina

Stimulating public policies, action and capacity on energy efficiency in municipal buildings

The actions contained in this project are focused on the municipalities since they make up the closest link between public administrations and citizens, creating an opportunity for improvement and transfer of experience to buildings of other institutions and companies in their territory.

Savings and energy efficiency under this project would help meet the mitigation objectives of  Argentina’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC).

The project aims to achieve a large-scale impact, directly benefiting municipal officials, consultants, and professionals, mainly from RAMCC member municipalities, who will receive training and innovative tools in EE. Energy audits and EE pilot projects in public buildings are part of the activities that will promote EE among municipal buildings.

On the other hand, local communities will indirectly benefit from energy efficiency actions, benefiting from a reduction in negative environmental impact and an improvement in quality of life.

The general population will also benefit because the project will be replicated in various parts of the country and the region, which will be adapted considering the local context.

The project has a national scope, with concrete actions in 32 municipalities located in 10 provinces of the Argentine Republic, including the cities of Buenos Aires and Córdoba provinces.

The project has funding from the European Union, through the EUROCLIMA + program, and it is financially executed through the French Development Agency (AFD) in Argentina.

Euroclima+ Programme

University of La Plata (Project Coordinator)

RAMCC  (the other consortium member)

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