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UNEP DTU Partnership assisted the World Bank in designing and piloting the application of the Mitigation Action Assessment Protocol.

The Mitigation Action Assessment Protocol (MAAP) tool was developed by the World Bank to promote transparency in how mitigation actions are designed and how they compare in terms of quality of design.

The MAAP tool is an assessment tool for identifying strengths and weaknesses in mitigation action design.
It allows practitioners to improve the completeness of their Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs), enhance transparency of the mitigation action, communicate benefits and strengths stakeholders, and provide an objective assessment, enhancing trust.

UNEP DTU Partnership assisted the World Bank achieve the following results:

  1. Support the development of a version of the MAAP Tool to assess mitigation actions at the design stage.
  2. Support the development of financial indicators for the MAAP Tool
  3. Design and implement an independent assessment process for mitigation actions using the MAAP Tool.

UNEP DTU Partnership reviews showed that the MAAP tool provided countries an opportunity to assess the completeness of their mitigation action designs, identify potential areas of improvements, and provide the results to potential financiers, to attract financing for either preparation activities, or provide assurance of the preparedness of the activities to enter the implementation phase, thus attracting financing for this purpose.

The work was based on UNEP DTU Partnership’s extensive knowledge on mitigation action design and experience in capacity building in developing countries.

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