Aligning the Agendas: A Party-driven dialogue on Sustainable Development in the context of Article 6 PA

This article introduces the newly launched, Party-driven Sustainable Development (SD) Dialogue on Article 6 of the Paris Agremeent (PA). The SD Dialogue is organised by UNEP DTU Partnership and the Gold Standard Foundation in collaboration with the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD). The SD Dialogue is made possible by contributions received from Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Liechtenstein. The aim of the SD Dialogue is to help overcome knowledge and political barriers for Parties to promote sustainable development through Article 6 cooperative approaches. The article presents the background for the SD Dialogue to be concluded by end of 2018 as input for Parties to decide on the work programme by COP24 in Poland for implementation of the Article 6 cooperative approaches.

Authors:Karen Holm Olsen, Marion Verles, Sven Braden
Published year:2018
Content type:Journal article
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