Climate Change: Business Risks and Opportunities – The Role of Private Sector Adaption

The aim of this publication is to broaden the understanding of climate risks and adaptation from the perspective of the private sector. Many businesses still tend to underestimate their exposure to climate risks, while business opportunities arising from the need to reduce vulnerability are too often overlooked or unrecognized. This publication provides an overview of the business risks and opportunities that are emerging from climate change and its impacts.

Covering business models undergoing changes in response to the increasingly severe impacts of climate change, this publication illustrates how businesses can reduce climate risks and take advantage of the opportunities that are emerging in climate change adaptation.

Chapter 1 shows why private-sector adaptation is an economic imperative for societies in general, and the implications of this for businesses. Chapter 2 discusses climate risks, describes how businesses are climate-proofing their operations, and assesses the role of businesses in the provision of new technologies, goods and services to address climate risks. Chapter 3 provides an analysis of tools for businesses that are designed to capture risks and opportunities and develop adaptation strategies. Chapter 4 provides examples of adaptation businesses that focus on reducing climate risks with adaptation goods and services. Chapter 5 concludes with an outlook on private-sector adaptation and the factors determining its growth.

Published year:2022
Content type:Report
Publisher:UNEP Copenhagen Climate Centre
No. of pages:40