Perspectives: Adequacy and Effectiveness of Adaptation in the Global Stocktake

This publication, a product of the Adaptation Working Group of the independent Global Stocktake (iGST), aims to advance conceptual and operational discussions of the A&E of adaptation in the context of the GST by bringing together the perspectives of a multitude of stakeholders, including academia, practitioners and policy-makers, all organized around one fundamental question:

How can the concepts of adequacy and effectiveness of adaptation be operationalized in assessments of global progress on adaptation?’  

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Authors:Alexandre K. Magnan IDDRI, Ariadna Anisimov IDDRI and University of Antwerp, Emilie Beauchamp International Institute for Sustainable Development Binyam Gebreyes International Institute for Environment and Development, Gigi Owen Arizona Institute for Resilience University of Arizona, Jingjing Gao and Lars Christiansen UNEP Copenhagen Climate Centre, Korinna von Teichman-Utesch UNFCCC consultant, Lola Vallejo IDDRI, Susannah Fisher King’s College London and University College London, Vidhee Avashia and Amit Garg Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad India
Published year:2023
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Publisher:ClimateWorks Foundation
No. of pages:76