Supporting the First GST in Delivering its Outputs on Adaptation

What is the role of private sector in GST? and How to improve GST’s assessment of Adequacy and Effectiveness on Adaptation?

The first Global Stocktake (GST) will come to its conclusion at COP28 in Dubai, questions regarding the exact outcome of the process and how it will be translated into action remain open. Currently the GST is preparing its political component under the final phase “Consideration of Outputs”, where the focus will be discussing the implications and findings of the technical assessment to inform Parties in updating and enhancing actions and support in accordance with the Paris Agreement.

To contribute to this on-going discussion, UNEP CCC as the co-lead of the Adaptation Working Group (AWG) of the independent Global Stocktake initiative (iGST), launches this policy brief by synthesizing findings from AWG’s research conducted in 2019-2023. The brief first takes a review on the objectives of GST’s final phase “Consideration of Outputs” defined by the UNFCCC formal process, as well as the elements and key messages on adaptation that Parties and Non-Party stakeholders expect the first GST to address. It further provides a few recommendations on how to address private sector’s role in GST, and how to operationalize the assessment of adequacy and effectiveness on adaptation under GST.

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Authors:Jingjing Gao, Lars Christiansen
Published year:2023
Content type:Policy Brief
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Publisher:UNEP Copenhagen Climate Centre
No. of pages:8