Technology Transfer for Climate Mitigation and Adaptation

Analysing needs and development assistance support in technology transfer processes

This policy brief dives deeper into the role of development assistance (ODA) flows in climate mitigation and adaptation technologies. It highlights the climate technology needs of developing countries, as collated through the technology needs assessment TNA, and tracks the development finance resources channeled to climate technologies, drawing on the DAC database of the OECD, to conduct analysis and reveal shared insights.

It provides granular data on the prioritized mitigation and adaptation technologies, the level of technological maturity across sectors and technologies, climate-related development financial flows for technology transfer, and disaggregated flows by sectors. In conclusion, the brief suggests some priorities for development co-operation (members and partners) to enable future action on climate-related technology transfer.

This policy brief has been jointly developed by the UNEP Copenhagen Climate Centre and the OECD-Development Cooperation Directorate.

Authors:Alberto Agnelli, Jens Sedemund, Léa Jehl Le Manceau, Padmasai Lakshmi Bhamidipati, Sara Lærke Meltofte Trærup
Published year:2022
Content type:Policy Brief
File: Download
Publisher:UNEP Copenhagen Climate Centre
Is current:current
No. of pages:24

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