The Climate Initiatives Platform: Towards Greater Transparency in International Cooperative Climate Initiatives (ICIs)

If the Paris Agreement is to be implemented successfully, it is crucial that all actors step up their actions, including non-state actors such as businesses, cities, regions and investors. Transparency is crucial but still largely missing from the drive to report on current actions and scale them up. The Climate Initiatives Platform (CIP) is a vital transparency tool for international cooperative climate initiatives, so called ICIs, driven by non-state actors. The CIP provides open-source data on many aspects. It is also the data provider to the UNFCCC Global Climate Action portal NAZCA on ICIs. The aim of this project is to improve the CIP further. This document presents a strategy for tracking progress, including an impact-monitoring framework. In addition, analyses of progress with ICIs and of their coverage versus the potential emission reductions in certain sectors are provided.

Authors:Jørgen Villy Fenhann, Per Harry Wretlind, Philip Drost, Sofia Kazmi Høgsbro, Susanne Konrad
Published year:2018
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Publisher:Nordisk Ministerråd, København
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