The Climate Technology Progress Report 2022

Effective development and transfer of climate technologies is more crucial than ever. Green technology is key to sustainable development while tackling the interlinked issues of the triple planetary crisis that humanity currently faces: climate change, pollution and biodiversity loss.

But, how do we assess progress on climate technology?

The new Climate Technology Progress Report 2022 aims to bring more clarity on what leads to successful development and transfer of technology, and to the gaps and enablers in amplifying climate action.

Available information has previously been fragmented, often unsystematic and outdated.
This year’s report focuses on establishing an approach for future tracking of progress on technology development and transfer. The report has been prepared by an international team of experienced scientists, developing the new approach and applying it on data from Africa.

From 2023, the report aims to provide annual insights on climate technology progress, focusing on both industrialized and developing countries, providing both a local and global perspective.

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Authors:Ambuj Sagar, Conrad George, Debora Ley, Edmond Totin, Elisabeth Gilmore, Henrik Larsen, Jens Sedemund, Linda Steg, Lucas Somavilla, Manon Fortemps, Mathilde Brix Pedersen, Minal Pathak, Padmasai Lakshmi Bhamidipati, Sara Trærup, Yacob Mulugetta
Published year:2022
Content type:Report
File: Download
Publisher:UNEP Copenhagen Climate Centre and UNFCCC Technology Executive Committee (TEC)