The Climate Technology Progress Report 2023

The development, transfer, diffusion, and uptake of technologies to mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change are essential to the response to the rapidly escalating problem of climate change. However, while the role of technologies is increasingly recognized, the degree to which technologies are deployed and barriers and enabling conditions for the development, transfer, diffusion, and uptake of those technologies are not well understood or documented.

But how do we assess progress on climate technology?

The new Climate Technology Progress Report 2023 aims to bring more clarity on what leads to successful development and transfer of technology, and to the gaps and enablers in amplifying climate action. The report aims to fulfil two main functions. First, as a practical tool to inform national-level stakeholders on improving the technology transfer and diffusion. Second, it intends to inform international processes, such as the UNFCCC’s Global Stocktake. The report has been prepared by an international team of experienced scientists, developing the new approach and applying it to data from Asia.

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Authors:ctcn, UNEP-CCC, unfccc
Published year:2023
Content type:Report
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Publisher:UNEP Copenhagen Climate Centre
No. of pages:90