The Emissions Gap Report 2015

A UNEP Synthesis Report

Following the historic signing of the 2030 Agenda for
Sustainable Development, this sixth edition of the UNEP
Emissions Gap Report comes as world leaders start gathering
in Paris to establish a new agreement on climate change.
The report offers an independent assessment of the
mitigation contributions from the Intended Nationally
Determined Contributions (INDC) committed to by 1 October
2015, by the 146 countries that account for around 90 per
cent of global emissions. It compares the 2030 emission
levels that would result from these commitments with what
science tells us would keep average temperature increases
on track to stay below 2°C by the end of the century; it
provides data for an aspirational target of keeping that
increase below 1.5°C; and it evaluates the INDCs in relation
to progress on the 2020 pledges made in Cancun.

Authors:Anne Olhoff, Cecilie Larsen, John M. Christensen, Marco Christian Schletz, Paul Burgon, Riyong Kim Bakkegaard
Published year:2015
Content type:Report
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Publisher:United Nations Environment Programme
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No. of pages:98