The October 2012 first updates of the UNEP Risø CDM, JI, and NAMA Pipelines are now available

October 5, 2012

The UNEP Risø CDM/JI Pipeline Overview has its own web-site:, which contains the main graphs and tables from the CDM and the JI spreadsheets. The website makes it easier for the user to find the analysis and to print them.

CDM news:

With a submission of only 90 new CDM projects (plus 8 resubmissions) in September we have really passed the peak of new submitted projects that started in June 2011. None of these 90 projects are hosted by LDC countries.

The CDM Pipeline now contains 9021 CDM projects after deducting the 1291 CDM projects where the DOEs terminated validation, the 223 where the DOEs gave a negative validation, the 225 projects rejected by the EB, and the 58 withdrawn projects. 229 projects are in the registration process.

While the number of new submission are going down there is an increased activity in getting projects registered. The large number of 229 projects in the registration process, the increased speed of the UNFCCC Secretariat and the EB in the registration process. The graphs in the “Timelagcharts” sheet show that the average time from ‘start comment’ until ‘request registration’ is now down to 100 days (of which completeness check takes 60 days), and the average time from request registration until the date of registration is now only 20 days (the registration date is often backdated to the date of a full request for registration). So the total time from the ‘start comment’ date until ‘registration’ is now only about 120 days.

In September, the EB made 139 registration actions.

In September, only 14.5 MCERs were issued and the total issuance is now 1009 MCERs.  If the average issuance of 19.1 MCERs in the last 6 months continues, in the last 3 months of 2012 we project a total issuance to rise to 1067 MCERs at the end of 2012. The average issuance success is 92.6.

At EB69 three new methodologies were approved:

AM108: “Interconnection between electricity systems for energy exchange”

AM109: “Introduction of hot supply of Direct Reduced Iron in Electric Arc Furnaces”

ACM22: “Alternative waste treatment processes”

In the “CDM Projects” sheet, a new column “Micro-scale (MSC)” has been added showing if the project avoids doing the additionality test following the Microscale rules.

JI news:

On September 9, new JI projects were submitted of which all were track 1 projects (8 in Ukraine, 1 in Russia). The JI Pipeline now contains 612 projects, excluding the 27 withdrawn projects and 1 rejected project (373 in track 1 and 239 in track 2).

In September, the issuance was only 8.0 MERUs. The total issuance is now 233 MERUs and we project 297 MERUs to be issued at the end of this year if the average issuance of 21.2 MERUs continues the rest of the year.

PoA news:

In August, five new PoAs were submitted, of which four were from Africa. The PoA Pipeline now contains 372 projects: 327 at validation, 8 have requested registration, and 37 are registered. Two PoAs were rejected by the EB, 3 were terminated by DOEs, and 21 resubmitted (Replaced at Validation).

Two new CPAs were submitted for the PoA:

“Promotion of Biomass Based Heat Generation Systems in India (REF=4041)”

NAMA Pipeline news:

Until the deployment of the prototype of the UNFCCC NAMA Registry in November 2012, parties and entities can submit NAMAs and information on Support for NAMAs here:

In September, the first 3 submissions appeared at this site, the NAMA Pipeline has been updated.

The three NAMAs are all in the group “NAMA seeking support for preparation”. It includes one project in Ethiopia, “Interurban Electric Rail NAMA”, and two projects in Mali, “NAMA in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency” and “NAMA in the Forestry sector”.

By Jørgen Fenhann, Jacob Ipsen Hansen, Maija Bertule, and Thor Nyborg Bendsen