Towards the achievement of SDG 7 and net-zero emissions

The global effort to mobilize actions and commitments to achieve clean, affordable energy for all by 2030 and net zero emissions by 2050 is accelerating. Good news to all participants in the High-level Dialogue on Energy, which took place in June and the rest of the World. During the High-level meeting new commitments and plans was announced, showing that there is a great momentum behind ensuring, ensure that everyone has access to clean, renewable energy and to reach net-zero emissions, by 2030.

July 2, 2021

During the High-level Forum UNEP DTU Partnership’s Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency participated in a string of side events and presented a Street Lighting toolbox comprising two tools, which aim to accelerate the energy efficiency at a local level. The tool box is developed with United Nations Environmental Programme initiative United for Efficiency. Try the tool here

Available lighting solutions can help developing countries to reduce annual electricity demand for lighting by 40 to 60% with payback periods lower than 3 years. By incorporating efficiency into existing and planned infrastructure systems, costs can be controlled, service delivery can be improved and access expanded without necessarily adding to the cost of the service.

The High-level dialogue concluded with a set of recommendations and reports to which Head of Strategy at UDP Gabriela Prata Dias contributed to the Theme report on Energy Transition