UDP conducts webinar on Technology Prioritisation and Multi Criteria Assessment

August 14, 2015

UNEP DTU Partnership conducted a webinar on Technology Prioritization and Multi Criteria Assessment as part of the Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) webinar series on 12 August.

The webinar aimed to give an introduction on Multi Criteria Assessment and covered examples for both climate change mitigation and adaptation.

The target audience for this webinar are public sector officials, civil societies, NGOs, private sector, and students. Through interactive Q&A sessions, participants had the opportunity to put forward their questions and comments to the panel of experts.

The webinar can be accessed below:


About the presenters

Dr. Jorge Rogat
Relevant expertise: Analysis of the economic, social and environmental benefits of urban transport technologies, such as, Bus Rapid Transit, Bus Regulation and Planning and Non-motorized transportation.

Dr. Subash Dhar
Relevant expertise: Modeling of energy systems, Transport policy and planning, Multi criteria Assessment, criteria and indicators for evaluating mitigation technologies

Dr. Sara Trærup
Relevant expertise: socio-economic analyses of adaptation technologies, Integration of climate change adaptation into development planning, Criteria and indicators for monitoring and evaluating adaptation to climate change.