UDP hosts Danida Fellowship Course on Green Energy and Low Carbon Development

September 20, 2016

UNEP DTU Partnership hosted a two-week course on ‘Green Energy and Low Carbon Development’ from 5-16 September 2016, in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was attended by 20 participants from seven countries: Ethiopia, Ghana, Indonesia, Kenya, Palestine, Sierra Leone and Tanzania.

The course, which has run since 2009, is targeted at managers and decision makers from the private and public sectors in these Danida-supported countries. The aim is develop knowledge and problem-solving skills with regard to improved energy efficiency and various low-carbon energy technologies, including wind power, waste-to-energy and biogas.

The course involved both classroom sessions and study tours, providing participants with the opportunity to engage and learn from each other’s experiences across the seven countries as well as networking with potential public and private partners in Denmark. The participants learned about enabling frameworks and business opportunities related to both supply and use of sustainable energy technologies.

The course was run by staff from UNEP DTU Partnership, as well as private consultants, and included modules on the challenges of green energy and low carbon development, business cases, mechanisms for public-private cooperation for low carbon development, market and financing mechanisms.

The Danida Fellowship Centre (DFC) manages and implements the Danida supported Fellowship Programme, which supplies training in support of capacity development in Danida’s programme and projects worldwide.

UNEP DTU Partnership provides scientific input on energy and climate change issues to the UN Environment (UNEP).