UNEP DTU Partnership celebrates its 25 year anniversary

June 8, 2016

UNEP DTU Partnership came together in full strength along with its partners to mark the occasion of its 25 years working on energy, climate and sustainable development at the UN city today.

To celebrate this silver jubilee milestone, a panel of luminaries was organized who commented on UNEP DTU’s work and continuing significance, encouraging it to continue its central role in bringing research on new technologies to policy makers, its leading efforts at analytical and advisory services as well as its large capacity development work in Asia, Africa and the Latin American and Caribbean regions.

The panel of speakers comprised Connie Hedegaard, Chairman of KR Foundation, former EU Commissioner for Climate Action and former Danish Climate and Energy Minister, Sandrine Dixon-Decleve, Chief Partnerships Officer of SE4All initiative, Ligia Noronha, UNEP DTIE Director, Nathalia Feinberg, Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Søren Salomo, Director of DTU Management Engineering, Neils Axel Nielsen, Senior VP of Technical University of Denmark and John Christensen, Director of UNEP DTU Partnership.

‘It is important to focus on the implementation of the Paris agreement and we need organizations like UNEP DTU Partnership to work towards this goal through focus on new technologies and by mainstreaming Sustainable Development Goals’, said Ms. Hedegaard.

Likewise, Ms. Noronha of UNEP DTIE noted the key role of UDP as a collaborating Centre. ‘UNEP DTU Partnership is an important centre and our work partnership is based on mutuality and trust’, she noted. Søren Salomo, who also hosted the panel, congratulated UDP and commended its staff for its optimism, professionalism and expertise.

The occasion was also a perfect opportunity to take a trip down memory lane and see UNEP DTU’s evolution since it began its operations in October 1990. Director John Christensen made an insightful presentation noting the several landmarks and milestones achieved by the organization in the past 25 years, from becoming the front runner in providing CDM related information via the CDM pipeline to receiving awards for its work on cleaner energy, to its contribution to the International Panel on climate Change report, among several contributions made by the organization in the field of energy and climate change.

The congratulatory and encouraging speeches were followed by a reception well attended by UDP’s several partners and collaborating organizations.