UNEP DTU Partnership senior energy advisor part of ‘global elite’

Senior advisor for energy Dr. Romanas Savickas has been recognised for his leadership in the global energy transition.

October 19, 2018

UNEP DTU Partnership senior advisor for energy Dr. Romanas Savickas has been named part of The Global Smart Energy Elites 2019.

The Global Smart Energy Elites is an annual publication recognising a selection of leaders and projects that are at the helm of the global smart energy revolution.

It highlight leaders and innovative projects from around the world, and demonstrates the use of cutting-edge technology and critical thinking, which is propelling utility systems into the 21st century.

Romanas Savickas is one of only six people named as leaders who are playing a role in today’s smart energy revolutions.

Energy efficiency world wide

Romanas Savickas is a senior advisor for energy at UNEP DTU Partnership’s Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency, where he works with developing Energy Efficiency projects in district heating and the buildings efficiency sector in intercontinental level especially Chile, Balkan countries, Baltic sea region, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Mongolia and others.

He also works to encourage national and local governments to implement climate mitigation, to increase energy efficiency, working to explain the main benefits such as reduced GHG emissions, improved air quality, reduced health costs, increased energy efficiency, better energy security and decreased fuel poverty, as well as to explain that climate mitigation options can deliver a cost-effective decarbonisation.

His work also consists of developing new markets for district heating and efficiency in buildings, encouraging participation of private sector by the public private partnerships or other business models, using expertise in technical financial/economical and legal areas.

Smart Energy International, the official publication of the Clarion Power & Energy Series, a company organising events on energy and utilities worldwide, publishes The Global Smart Energy Elites 2019.