Virtual thesis fair was a great success

The online event showed great interest from DTU students in joining the UNEP DTU Partnership team working with climate change and developing countries.

March 25, 2020

This week, students from DTU joined the UNEP DTU Partnership Master’s Thesis Fair, in a successful event showcasing the possibilities for students to write their thesis in collaboration with UNEP DTU Partnership experts.

It is the second time UNEP DTU Partnership has hosted a master’s project fair for students interested in joining the partnership to write their thesis. The fair was originally scheduled to be held at DTU, but had to be cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak. However, a virtual event was held instead, allowing students and researchers to communicate in real-time.

The Fair was announced online, where the 37 registered participants could access an updated Project Idea Catalogue with eight project ideas, contributed by research staff from all UNEP DTU Partnership sections. They cover areas such as district energy, sustainable finance, energy service companies, climate change transparency, energy efficient transport and local production in wind energy.

The project ideas are connected to UNEP DTU Partnership’s core work on climate change and developing countries, but span many academic disciplines.

They offer an opportunity for students to work in close connection with real projects, addressing the challenge of climate change and sustainable development, particularly in developing countries,  as well as working in an international environment at UN City in Copenhagen.

At the forefront of the climate efforts

UNEP DTU Partnership offers a stimulating environment for DTU students, working with experienced researchers who are engaged in tasks at the forefront of efforts to tackle climate change and sustainable development in developing countries, especially concerning renewable energy and other environmentally sound technologies.

As part of the Technical University of Denmark, within DTU Management, UNEP DTU Partnership is able to draw on a vast range of scientific expertise and to collaborate with world-leading scientific partners. In addition, UNEP DTU Partnership combines this with in-depth developing country expertise and an extensive network with projects running in 100 countries.

A third Master’s Project Fair is scheduled for 27 October, targeting students who plan to start their projects in early 2021.

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