Working Papers on CDM Sustainable Development Tool released

September 15, 2015

The CDM Executive Board’s Sustainable Development Tool has been evaluated in a nine month research project implemented by Wuppertal Institute and UNEP DTU Partnership for the German Federal Environment Agency.

Three working papers are the outcome of the project that had the following objectives: To undertake an analysis of the EB’s SD Tool and SD provisions of other flexible mechanisms, undertake an analysis of the host countries views on the suitability and practicability of the EB’s SD tool and to assess the pros and cons of the tool and make recommendations for its improvement.

Working Paper 1

Mapping the Indicators: An Analysis of Sustainable Development Requirements of Selected Market Mechanims and Multilateral Institutions

Working Paper 2

Assessing Usefulness: Do Stakeholders Regard the CDM’s SD Tool as Practical?

Working Paper 3

Reforming the CDM SD Tool: Recommendations for improvement

The first working paper reports on the assessment and comparison of SD provisions of selected flexible mechanisms and multilateral standards.

The second working paper presents a literature review and interviews with selected host country governments, project developers and a buyer perspective on the usability of the EB’s SD tool.

And the third working paper offers recommendations for the revision, improvement and enhancement of the CDM’s SD Tool applicable to mitigation actions more broadly.

The papers can be accessed below: