Adapting to Climate Change in the Energy Sector

August 26, 2015

In collaboration with the Latin American Energy Organization, UNEP DTU Partnership (UDP) has provided technical advice to the governments of Colombia and Nicaragua with regard to risk management for climate change in the energy sector.

Specifically, UDP has provided high-resolution estimates of precipitation, temperature (maximum and minimum) and wind speed, and combined those with industry, socio-economic and geographic data, to estimate climate change-related extreme-weather events that could affect the energy sector in these two countries in the short (to 2030) and mid-term (to 2050). On the basis of these estimates, UDP provided the main elements of a risk management strategy for the sector in each country.

In Nicaragua, the project targeted the hydropower sector, whereas in Colombia it focused on the oil and gas sector. The estimates of precipitation, temperature and wind speed can be obtained from UDP.

Click to access the report for Colombia ‘Adaptation-to-climate-change-in-Colombias-oil-and-gas-industry’, and the report for Nicaragua ‘Adaptation to Climate Change in the Hydropower Industry’.