Guides for Climate Change Mitigation Action Planning released

July 12, 2016

UNEP DTU partnership has released two guides which describe, in non-technical language, a set of analytical tools that can support the planning of climate change mitigation actions by national and sub-national government agencies.

One of the guides, Valuation of climate change mitigation co-benefits, focuses on the valuation of climate change mitigation co-benefits, and was written by Fatemeh Bakhtiari. The second guide, Decision-support tools for climate change mitigation planning, focuses on decision-support tools for climate change mitigation planning, and was written by Daniel Puig and Sandra Aparcana. Daniel Puig edited both guides, and Federico Canu provided draft text for some of the annexes.

The UNEP DTU Partnership welcomes your feedback regarding the content of these guides. Not least, we would like to hear from you concerning additional topics on which you think that similar non-technical documents would be of use to developing country government.