Milestone reached for climate technology

100 user-friendly policy briefs are now available, detailing climate technology ready for implementation

June 1, 2022

An impressive milestone has been reached for global Technology Needs Assessments (TNAs).
With briefs from Benin, Central African Republic, Antigua and Barbuda and Sao Tome & Principe, there are now 100 technology policy briefs available on the TNA website.

The policy briefs summarise the policy-relevant actions to implement specific climate technologies in a short document. Each policy brief has a length of maximum 4 pages, making them concise and user-friendly.

The briefs can be used by both policy- and decision-makers, private sector and potential donors, as they outline policy barriers and enablers, the potential for technology implementation, country needs in terms of investments and can act as inspiration for countries facing similar climate-related challenges.

From gas cooking to electric trains

Policy briefs are a useful tool for shaping the right enabling environment for the implementation of climate technologies. Each policy brief focuses on one specific technology taken to the Technology Action Plan step, featuring a description of the selected technology, its readiness level and commercial readiness index. Policy briefs also provide an overview of the climate rationale behind the selection of the technology, underlines the expected impacts of its implementation, and provides an overview of the policy action needed for its implementation.

Countries in the TNA project develop their technology policy briefs on the basis of their Technology Action Plans (TAPs), which specify activities and enabling frameworks to overcome the barriers and facilitate the transfer, adoption and diffusion of climate technologies.

Once developed, policy briefs are used by the TNA team to support information dissemination about the selected climate technologies, to enhance donors, policy- and decision-makers engagement at the national level. For that, a specific round-table event is organised by the national TNA coordinator.

The 100 policy briefs are from various countries undertaking a TNA Phase III. The briefs cover everything from butane gas cooking equipment to reforestation and drip irrigation.

A useful tool for climate technology implementation

The policy briefs go further in depth than simply providing a technological overview. They propose a review of the different policies and measures needed to enhance technology implementation, and give a clear estimate of action plans costs, scale and timeline. It is a useful tool in the sense that it summarized the key elements of each technology action plan in a synthesis manner.

On the TNA website you can also find the latest Technology Needs Assessments, Barrier Analysis and Enabling Framework reports as well as Technology Action Plans have also recently been uploaded.