Development of Climate-Smart Agriculture projects in Kenya

This project aims to develop investment-ready projects in the area of Climate Smart Agriculture that will advance Kenya’s transition towards a green economy.

Implemented by a consortium comprising UNEP DTU Partnership and Eco Ltd as consultants of NETFUND (Kenya), this project aims at developing detailed project ideas in the area of Climate-Smart Agriculture that will advance Kenya’s transition towards a green economy.

Running from May to December of 2018, at the onset, this project has undertaken a review of existing policies, programmes and plans to ensure that the projects developed are aligned with national low carbon and climate resilience priorities.

In addition, the project entails development of an investment plan for Climate Smart Agriculture projects, including:

  1. Scan of the local and international climate finance landscape
  2. Baseline study that sets the stage for Climate Smart Agriculture project concept notes
  3. Preparation of at least three Climate Smart Agriculture project concepts
  4. Design of one fully fledged investment-ready project proposal
  5. Facilitation of outreach to potential funders and support for pitching the project to investors

On basis of the investment plan outlined above the tentative titles of the three project ideas are:

  • Enhancing Resilience of Smallholder Farmers in Kenya by promoting CSA along cotton and sisal value chain in selected Counties;
  • Support to resilience for sustainable livelihoods in the Tana River County, and
  • Enhancing resilience of smallholder farmers in Kenya by Promoting CSA in targeted Counties

NETFUND (Kenya) has received funding from the Africa Development Bank for this project.

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Focus area: Climate Planning and Policy, Technology assessment, transfer, implementation and uptake

Country / Region: Kenya