UNFCCC Technology Cooperation

One of the key elements of this cooperation is to identify potential linkages between Technology Needs Assessment (TNAs) and Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).

UNEP DTU Partnership in cooperation with UNFCCC Secretariat aims to address the needs of developing countries in mitigation and adaptation technologies to meet desired levels of reduced greenhouse gas emissions and to reduce vulnerability to climate change. The cooperation entails several activities, such as

  • developing guidance and sharing experiences on enhanced implementation of the results of the Technology Needs Assessment (TNAs), as well as other technology related work
  • identifying and analysing potential linkages between TNAs and Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). The objective is to enhance the understanding of potential linkages between the two processes, and on how these could be achieved, as well as to propose options to establish concrete linkages between TNAs and NDCs. So far, this activity has assisted the Technology Executive Committee (TEC) under the UNFCCC by delivering a technical paper, and by delivering relevant key messages and recommendations to Parties.
  • identifying and analyzing barriers for technology development and transfer in NDCs, CTCN Technical Assistance and TNAs, also with the objective to assist the TEC under the UNFCCC through delivering a technical paper and in delivering relevant key messages and recommendations to Parties.

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