National Policy Roadmap for Electric Mobility in Zimbabwe

The National Electric Mobility Policy Roadmap serves as an action plan with a focus on the development pathways which will achieve wide-scale electric vehicle (EV) deployment in the context of Zimbabwe. For this, a set of policies were selected from the National Electric Mobility Policy and Market Readiness Framework (hereinafter referred to as Policy Framework) for implementation. Electric mobility roadmap is defined here as an action plan that includes targets and policy measures along with their implementation timelines, institutional responsibilities, and resource requirements. For each vehicle a draft roadmap has been prepared, including quantified targets and policies.

Authors:Chingosho Hilton, Joseph Remeredzai, Jyoti Painuly, Lisa Mare, Rahul Bagdia, Saudamini Telang, Sayali Agade, Shantha Bloeman, Sindiso Ncube, Subash Dhar, Talat Munshi
Published year:2022
Content type:Report
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No. of pages:48