Strengthening NDC and Climate Finance Capacity in Latin America

New series of training courses on preparation of concept notes for financial institutions for NDC financing covering three global regions underway.

April 18, 2024

More than 250 people joined a recent UNEP Copenhagen Climate Centre training course on NDC finance and proposal development tailored to bolster the capabilities of National Technical Institutions and governments across Latin America.

This initiative, a part of the NDC Action Project, aimed to equip participants with the skills necessary to prepare concept notes for submission to financial institutions, a pivotal step in accessing climate finance for NDC implementation. The training sessions were delivered by experts from UNEP Copenhagen Climate Centre and in-country experts from Latin American countries.

Country experiences and in-depth discussions

The comprehensive program covered a wide array of topics related to NDC implementation and climate finance. Participants were introduced to the global climate finance landscape, exploring methodologies for establishing appropriate baselines, assessing climate impacts, costs and benefits, and more. Practical case studies from countries offered concrete insights from implementation across Latin America, with Costa Rica showcasing its decarbonization roadmaps and resilience-building strategies in the private sector, and Argentina delving into agricultural value chains within the context of Green Climate Fund (GCF) readiness. Experts from Colombia focused on business models and financing for investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Each of the three days consisted of theoretical presentations as well as an interactive session, which facilitated in-depth discussions on topics such as project design principles, technical criteria and the expectations of funding agencies like the GCF. These sessions provided a platform for attendees to gain insights from both experts and peers.

A key take-away of the discussions was the importance of identifying and maintaining in place a project ‘champion’, someone who is tasked with ensuring that the project development cycle is completed, which can often take years. And of the importance of designing projects in an inclusive and bottom-up manner to ensure wide stakeholder awareness and buy-in.

NDC Finance trainings set for MENA/Africa and Asia

A post-course survey revealed that an overwhelming 94% of respondents found the webinar content directly applicable to their work, underscoring the effectiveness of the training in meeting the needs of the participants.

Looking ahead, similar training courses are planned for the MENA/Africa and Asia regions. These upcoming sessions will feature both the general introductions to NDC finance, and experts and experience from Ghana, Uganda, Jordan, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and Mongolia, providing tailored support to further strengthen NDC implementation and climate finance capacity across diverse regions. Stay tuned for more updates on these forthcoming initiatives.

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